Divine Mothers of a Cosmos

Hear our Invocation

In the name of the Light of God that Never Fails, Beloved Alpha, Beloved Omega, hear the call of our hearts.

Come, O Divine Mother for we place our hearts, our hopes and our fears, our faith and our doubts, upon thy heart and breast.Thy heart is a fortress, a castle, a secret chamber, a cottage, even the vastnesses of thy wilderness.

We bow before the living flame of the Shekinah Glory, the flame of the Ark of the Covenant that does blaze forth in our hearts.

If the lightbearers of the Earth are to be saved, then Divine Mother: come and intercede. We offer ourselves to be thy living vessels. O Divine Mother, fill our vessels. Fill them full of thy light. We would be thy Shakti, O God.

Come then, deliver this planetary home and evolution unto the arms of the Buddha, the everlasting Holy Spirit and the universal Christ.

In the joy of thy being, in the womb of Cosmos, skeins of starry light are woven. We are nestled in thy swaddling garment, which does become a mantle of sacred fire.

Into thy heart we enter, and we renew our vow this day to be the Divine Mother in action on earth.


Sons of Heaven by Nicholas Roerich

A Retinue of Divine Mothers
and the Flame Ensconced in the Mantra

Omega, our Mother in the Central Sun
Mantra, I and my Father are one, I and my Mother are one

Vesta, our Mother in the Sun of our System
Helios and Vesta, let the light flow into my being. Let the light expand in the center of my heart. Let the light expand in the center of the earth and let the earth be transformed into the new day.

Magda, Twin Flame of Jesus
Amazing grace, how sweet the sound that saved a soul like me,
I once was lost but now I'm found, was blind but now I see.

Agni Yoga by Nicholas Roerich

Kuan Yin, Goddess of Mercy
Om Mani Padme Hum, Namo Kuan Shih Yin Pusa

Tara, Divine Savioress
Om Tare tuttare ture svaha

Laksmi, Ensouling Beauty
Om srim laksmye namaha

Sarasvati, Ensouling Wisdom
Om aim sarasvatye namaha

Sister Beatrice by Nicholas Roerich

Durga, Fierce Defender of God's Children
Om dum durgaye namaha

Kali, the Wrath of the Divine Mother
who Rescues her Own

Om krim kalikaye namaha

Parvati, Consort of the Holy Spirit
We salute you Mother Parvathi,
Who is red like the flower of Bandhooka tree,
Who is having a healthy body,
Who does penance directed to please Shiva,
Who is as soft as the lotus flower,
Who fulfills all desires,
And who is like the wish giving tree.
Om Bandhooka varnaam arunam sugathram,
Shambhum samudhisya sanairupetam,
Ambhoja mrudhweem abhilasha dathreem,
Sambhavaye nirjjara dharu kalpam.

Agni Yoga II by Nicholas Roerich

Goddess of Peace

Peace be still and know that I AM God

Goddess of Justice
Goddess of Justice for your Holy Presence grateful to God do we bow; beautiful, gracious, love's balance you're holding:
loved ones on earth bless you now.

Astrea, Mother of Purity
O beloved Astrea may God purity manifest here for all to see, God's divine will shining through, circle and sword of brightest blue. Come now answer this my call, lock thy circle round us all, circle and sword of brightest blue, blaze now, raise now shine right through.

Amazonia, Mother of Power
Amazonia, gracious one, daughter of the Central Sun,
call we blessings of the light, to expand thy heavenly might.
Now with Hercules, dear one, raise our earth, a dazzling sun.

Lumina, Mother of Wisdom
Beloved Lumina, with Apollo, we praise thy flame. Send forth the action and illumination, to free our Terra in God's Holy name.

She who leads by Nicholas Roerich

Amora, Mother of Love
Blest Amora, our friend so dear, love and blessings we call forth with hearts sincere. As your light rays clothe us in thy love divine,
may our hearts blaze forth, with the Christ light shine.

Virginia, Mother of Truth
Dearest Mother Virginia, earth's silent watcher, increase truth and healing and ever draw near. We call now in earnest to all hosts of heaven, to bless thee now and ever for thy service given.

Aloha, Mother of Peace
In the name Peace and Aloha, blessed are the peacemakers
and blessed are the children of God.

Victoria, Mother of Forgiveness
Beloved Victoria, blessed Mother Flame, expand and expand the violet flame. Hold now your children most close to your heart, and embrace all ascended masters, Buddhas, and Bodhisattvas.

Glory to the Hero by Nicholas Roerich

Justina, Consort of Mighty Victory
In the name of Justina, God is my Victory, a flame to treasure here.
By the love of Justina, I feel him very near. With the help of Justina,
God heals me from all wrong. I affirm, God is my victory,
and rise on wings of song.

Archeia Charity
Our blessed Charity, angel of love, hold all in purity from God above. Blest Chamuel's complement, lovely thou art. Help us anchor each day more love from thy heart.

Archeia Hope
Blessed angel bright, pure and holy light, on wings of hope we soar and heav'n regain, where with blest Gabriel thou dost forever reign.

Archeia Faith
Angel of loveliness, dear friend so true, keep us in holiness,
our faith renew. Lift us to heaven, helps us enshrine,
that will of God is good for all mankind.

Song of the Waterfall by Nicholas Roerich

Archeia Christine
O blest Christine, from Terra we now call to you, and for the flame of wisdom we send love and gratitude. May thy golden fires pierce the veil of night and help our souls arise to heaven's height.

Archeia Aurora
Beloved Aurora Plunge the sword of truth into the cause and core of
the lie. Help me stand, face, and conquer! and anoint me, for the army of the Lord draweth nigh.

Archeia Amethyst
Beloved Holy Amethyst from realms of light above, blaze forth the violet fire, God's mercy gift of love. Transmute our karma,
make earth crystal clear, raise us in consciousness,
remove all doubt and fear.

Mother Mary, Archeia and Queen of Heaven
Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, Pray for us Sons and Daughters of God, now and at the hour of our victory over sin, disease and death.

Lady Venus
, Twin Flame of Sanat Kumara
Venus we now call to you, feminine ray from God's heart so true.
Release thy cosmic mother flow, bathe planet earth
with thy rays below.

Lord of the Night by Nicholas Roerich

Leto, daughter of Venus
We call to you beloved Leto, to help us retain the memory,
of our instruction in etheric retreats of light, while our bodies
lay asleep at night.

, Lady Master of Healing for the Youth
Our newborn children and our youth shall bring to earth God's flame of truth. O Meta dear to thee we call, protect, supply and guard them all. Their parents and their families guide, and may thy love in all abide.

Goddess of Wisdom Theosophia
Cherished flame of wisdom pure, gift from thy heart, help all endure. Remind us daily that we are God. Then rise on our heart's altar clear, with thy beautiful golden flame so dear.

Goddess of Purity
Goddess of Purity, being of light, charge me now with thy flame bright. Balance my four lower bodies aright,
by thy love make all things right.

Queen of Light
O dazzling bright, Queen of Light, thy beaming will release our might. Help us all to win our way, for action's ray invoked
today is wiping all our tears away.

She Who Leads by Nicholas Roerich

Goddess of Light
Goddess of light! Send out thy light and thy truth let them lead me.
Send out thy light and thy love to all children.
Flood forth thy light to enfold elementals.

Goddess of Beauty
O Goddess of Beauty, let love be the dividing of the way.
Restore the glory of the elder days of art and in our hearts
let God be magnified.

Pallas Athena
Pallas Athena, ancient Mother of Life, teach us the way,the truth and the life. Help us enshrine the geometry of light and our soul's destiny perfect every day of our life.

Leonora, Divine Scientist
Help us tether our beings to the permanence of the divine.
Open our ears that we might hear the divine radio that broadcasts
to every man the perfection of the God Star bountiful
ensconced in each heart.

Goddess Meru
Blessed flame, illumination's power to the minds of all who seek thy
light. Ever send thy love from Tititcaca's shore to each
child of God on earth.

Thor, Mother of the Air Element
Descend now with thy spiraling radiance, teach us the mysteries of the air. Clear our mind and bless the sylphs of God everywhere.

Drops of life by Nicholas Roerich

Luara, Mother of the Water Element
In the flowing of the waters and in the sounding of the waves,
bless the undines with the sound of the Aum and purify
all of our emotions.

Pelleur, Mother of the Earth Element
We offer our love and gratitude to you, and to the gentle gnomes
whose devotion is so true. Bless our body elemental and
help us become healthy.

Diana, Mother of the Fire Element

Hail Diana! of the fiery element. Blessed salamanders blaze your fires into Terra's dark night and purify our etheric nature,
freedom for man and elemental life.

Rose of Light
Rose of Light expand through me, caress my being, make it free. The love of God enfolds a rose, touches lightly a heart that glows. Like unto Aurora's bloom , thy rose-light chases all man's gloom.

Queen of Heaven by Nicholas Roerich

Prajnaparamita, Mother of the Buddhas
Gate, gate, para gate parasamgate boddhi svaha

Sweet Amaryllis, thou Goddess of Spring, love's adoration joyous we sing. Forces of nature arise in thy love, drawn by our sun above.
Sweet Amaryllis to thee now we call, let nature's glory awaken all.
And may Jesus' victory to all men impart,
springtime within the heart.

Celeste, Champion of Elemental Life
In that green let the healing of the Mother flow, and let the all-seeing eye know that I AM the science and the truth, that brings by the Holy Spirit good proof of the Law and the mathematics of the Spirit, to the souls of the children who will stop to hear it.

Clara Louise, Regent Mother of the Flame
Help us to internalize the Word in the Ruby cross, and serve all life, Ich Dien, I serve. We now follow your footsteps, and unfold the Mother light in the golden pink petals of the rose in each heart.

Portia, Mother of Aquarius
Love's opportunity brings all God's gifts to all men.
Love's opportunity calling, calling again and again.

Isis, Mother of Ancient Egypt
In thy name abides the mystery, What is, is.

Saint Genevieve by Nicholas Roerich

Nada, Chohan of Ministration and Service
Pink roses my dear, welcome you here beloved Nada. Our hearts are enflamed as we call thy name beloved Nada. Come rose of my heart, your melody start, come Sacred Heart, beloved Nada.

Goddess of Liberty
Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be
free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these,
the homeless tempest-tossed to me. I lift my lamp
beside the golden door.

Fortuna, Goddess of Supply
Fortuna, Goddess of supply of all God's wealth from realms on high; Reveal thy treasures from the sun and now bestow on everyone
whose heart beats one with God's own light the power to draw
from heaven's height, abundance to expand the plan the masters
hold for every man.

Joan of Arc by Nicholas Roerich

Fragrance of the lotus, in the Heart of God that wafts the perfume of the Mother and the Buddhic Consciousness to all who aspire to be free. I espouse the flame of obedience from the standpoint of honor to the Divine Mother and to Her wisdom.

Lady Master Kristine, Rebuker of the Fallen ones
Hail to the light, Hail to the queen. I AM that I AM and
I claim the mantle of beloved Lady Master Kristine.

Maria Montessori, Champion of Youth
The child is the way, the child is the light,
the mind is the door, that leads us to Christ.

Nada and Pearl, Sponsors of Youth
Help us to manifest the divine expression of the Aquarian family and serve the youth of the world. Lead us through our trial by fire until we are fully one with the Divine Mother.

Mother Caspari, Disciple of the World Mother
Love is the Key, the golden thread, the path of light, we forge ahead.

Saint Therese of Lisieu, the Little Flower
Saint Therese, the little flower, please pick me a rose from the heavenly garden and send it to me with a message of love. Ask God to grant me the favor I thee implore and tell him I will love him each day more and more.

Viking's daughter by Nicholas Roerich

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