Serve the Children

A Burden upon
the Heart of the Divine Mother

This is a most serious hour in earth's history and there is a burden that weighs most heavily upon the heart of the Divine Mother.

The fallen angels have determined that if they are going to be bound and taken for their judgment in this decade and coming decades, they will leave a scorched earth, they will leave children whose minds have been so scrambled, so confused, so turned around that they will not be able to rise and claim the earth for freedom.

The fallen angels have determined to so sever one generation from the next that within a hundred years this earth may devolve to such a lesser state that you could not even recognize it.

Yes, the forces of Antichrist go after the children. Now we must go after the enemies of children. We must save the children, we must save their minds! We cannot do it alone. This is why praying for the youth of the world is a must. For this is the generation of tomorrow, the leaders of tomorrow.

The Attack Upon the Youth and Incoming Souls

The children are being set upon by such darkness in so many subtle ways, including the rhythm of the music of hell, the drugs purveyed, sugar saturating the brain, the heart and even affecting the concentration of light in the spiritual chakras. It is as though they are partly in the astral plane, in hell itself, while they are yet living.

There is often a separation between adults and children, almost as though a veil covers our eyes and we do not see or would not see what is happening to these little ones and as they grow older.

From a spiritual perspective, the children are victims of a cultural brainwashing taking place in the schoolhouses of the world. The forces of death and hell stalk the classrooms of America. The attack upon their consciousness is also happening through the movies and music they partake in. There is no other group of children on earth that is so bombarded with darkness, save for those in the Western civilization who receive all of that music and video and TV and movies. And at some level, whether consciously or unconsciously, those who are purveying these products for the eyes and ears and bodies of children know that they are destroying the children.

Therefore, the warfare is against those children who have the greatest Light in the earth.

It is time to call forth spiritual judgment upon the forces of darkness that have invaded the entire system of education in this nation and that seek to influence educators around the world!

In Defense of Children and Aborted Babies

We can put up on the walls of our homes pictures of children from all over America and wield the sword of Archangel Michael around these pictures, asking for millions of children to be cut free through those focuses.

We can also keep a picture of aborted fetuses to remind us every day of our life that children are being aborted–children whom sent from the Central Sun who never make it into kindergarten, who never make it into our preschools, for they are being aborted!

We must call to the angels for them to be cut free in the etheric octave and on the astral plane. Let them be cut free from all those scars that are upon them for having gone through such a grave trauma as being murdered in their mothers' wombs.

Let us call for this abortion will be stopped and for the lightbearers destined to embody not only be allowed to embody, but also receive the tutoring from our hearts.

So let’s turn off our own TV sets, aside from keeping abreast of the news, and set aside more time to pray for the children.

The Power of Prayer

When we give our prayers to God, we must have the absolute conviction that the all-power of God is able to manifest through us, that every call we make is answered. We do have to keep a regular, rhythmic cycle, a ritual of prayers to the heart of the Divine Mother and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, to all hosts of the Lord that we can name.

We can take the sword of Archangel Michael and give our calls and prayers for the youth of the world and for the binding of those entities and discarnates and fallen angels who have preyed upon them again and again. We must call to Astrea to keep the youth of the world encircled by the mighty circle and sword of blue flame. And we must learn how to invoke the judgment of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, who did say, “Whoever shall hurt one of these little ones, it would be better for him that a millstone were hung about his neck and he were cast into the sea.”

The Divine Mother Astrea by Marius Michael George

Reading, Writing and Arithmetic

How can we bequeath a nation, our organizations, churches and schools, to a generation who not only cannot read but do not even see the necessity of spelling when they have computers that can do their spelling for them?

To teach children reading, the writing and the arithmetic before the age of seven is the solemn responsibility of every parent, every lightbearer and every single one who intends to attain union with God.

Children must be taught how to read phonetically. Children need phonics. The alphabet is a manifestation of the light of Alpha and Omega.

Let us welcome children of all ages into our home. Let us offer to teach them in any place, in any situation that their parents will allow. Let us give them this training that will free them from the depression that comes from not knowing how to read and that keeps them from entering the mainstream of life.

There shall be many, many blessings upon those who have the courage to teach the children how to read and write, and calculate their numbers. This is a manifestation of the mighty threefold flame of Life! By receiving that reading lesson, children will begin to expand the yellow plume of wisdom. They shall become wise and erudite and enlightened as we not only teach them to read but also provide them with the necessary books that they must have to move on in life and to help other children out of the quicksand.

The power of mathematics is the power and action of the will of God. It is the ordering of life and the very foundation of the geometry of being.

Therefore, let the blue ray go forth and let the power of mathematics be manifest in the geometry of life–addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Let the children learn to write with love. Let them learn to print. Let them learn cursive writing. Let them learn their spelling. Let them learn how to write a poem. Let them learn how to write a story and how to bring forth from their hearts what they are feeling.

Let them also learn art as a creative flow from their hearts; and through art let them express themselves and get out on paper what they are experiencing from within.

We Must Not Give Up

This is a fierce battle. We cannot take “no” for an answer when these children express hardness and cynicism. We must come to grips with the force of great darkness that has in many cases separated the very souls and minds of children from their parents.

Many children are bereft of often well-meaning parents, who may have to work double jobs to maintain a single-parent household or to keep their children at a certain standard of living.

When children become the mouthpiece of demons, parents and teachers are not able to deal with them. They become afraid as these children become teenagers, for they begin to feel threatened by the darkness that is around them.

The solution always come back to praying for the children and disciplining them by love and giving them a cause for living, so they do not retreat from us and we do not retreat from them, which is the very plot of the sinister force. God is greater, God in us and Go in them.

We cannot give up for a vast majority of the youth have the raw materials to take their place in society as respectable and honorable citizens. When they are brought up in a society of people who will deal with them fairly, honestly and justly and set the example, they can and shall return to God!

With the Great Logos, who was with God in the Beginning, all things are possible, even the turning around of this generation!

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